Increasing property value!

Here at Condo Boomers, one of my main interests regarding new builds and building services are the effects that it can have on your homes property value. There are numerous construction projects and services that you can invest into your home that would provide anywhere from 20 – 50% overall increase in the value of your property. This is a major increase, especially in relation to the amount you need to invest for such a significant increase in your homes value. One example of such an increase in property value when compared to the amount needed to reinvest both in time and money is a loft conversion. You can convert your loft using multiple conversions such as a hip to gable loft conversion, mansard loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion and the cost would be anywhere from £15,000 – £50,000 depending on the project and amount of rooms that you would like to add within your home.

That may sound like a high cost of investment financially, and when you factor in the 2 – 3 months that it would take to complete the largest of loft conversions, it may sound even higher. However, when you consider that the largest loft conversion would cost £55,000 and take roughly 3 months to complete, you should also consider that it could add anywhere from £100,000 – £200,000 in your properties value on average. This is entirely dependent on the rooms that you decide to add, however. Someone is only willing to pay for what they need, but at such a large increase in your property value for what would be considered a relatively small amount, it would be difficult to not suggest a loft conversion for an increase in your properties value.

You should also consider a landscaper if you have a garden and a front lawn. The significance of first impressions should not be ignored, and a garden and front lawn that looks artistic and one that many would be jealous of can do wonders for your home. This is both for visitors and potential buyers of your property. When you see a garden and front lawn that are beautiful and immaculate, the difference it would make on a potential buyer is massive. They would be much more likely to purchase your home when they see something they can be immediately jealous of, and this is common with immaculate and attractive gardens more than anything else.

You should also consider a renovation if you may feel your furniture and surroundings are outdated. The difference a contemporary makeover makes for a potential buyer is almost as large as a beautiful garden. Any opportunity you can take to make a potential buyer to feel at home is one you need to grasp, as those are the factors that will make your home worth even more. Apart from loft conversions, basements or even extensions that can provide actual value into your home, the smaller things like landscaping or renovations simply for the persuasion of a buyer can make just as much of a difference. You should consider it like a marketing campaign. If two cakes had the same ingredients and tasted the exact same, the main differentiator is how it looks and the brand it is with. So, you should consider the same tactics with your home.

I hope I have opened your eyes a bit to what difference small and large things can make to your property value. I have learnt some of these tips working with builders Manchester and Bristol service in. I think you should also consider these important tips before you look at selling your home too! Also, please read some of the blog posts I have made in the last few weeks as it would help a lot! Thank you so much for reading!

Residential new builds in Manchester!

Over the last few years in the Manchester area I have been taking on more residential new builds. The total amount of residential new builds on the outskirts of Manchester city have risen rapidly. I have a few theories regarding the reasons behind the growth, but I am unaware to the specific reason. I personally believe that the increase of new builds in the area comes from both the increase of wealth for the average house hold after the popularity of paying the living wage, and the increase of the total population within Manchester itself. There are many people from cities in the United Kingdom and from other countries that are emigrating to Manchester due to the amount of jobs that are becoming available on an annual basis, and the popularity of the football clubs in the city.

The average new build on the outskirts of Manchester is a two-story home that offers 2 – 3 bedrooms, a single bathroom, a living room and kitchen. Other times, the creation and conversion of a loft is also requested as some home owners would rather have the projects completed together, just as some request a basement to be built and converted. This is also becoming an increasingly common trend within Manchester, as many home owners believe that if you are already building a home, it would be easier to convert a loft or basement during construction rather than waiting to convert a loft or basement while the home owners are still living within the property.

The increase of residential new builds and commercial property renovations that I had spoken about yesterday has kept many building and construction companies in business in the area. The increase annually of both the population and jobs that are becoming available are creating a mini boom within the industry and Manchester altogether. It is becoming a significantly key part of the Manchester economy, and many in the industry are trying to take advantage of the situation as quickly as possible. The increase of projects and jobs that are becoming available within the city means that every business is chasing leads as quickly as possible, increasing the overall competitive nature of the industry itself. It is an excitable time in Manchester.

The one worry that I personally have with the industry boom and new build increase are the residential property renovations lack of growth. The average renovation hasn’t increased within the last few years like the new builds and commercial renovations have. I am not sure if it is due to the increase in new builds in the area and homes being sold instead of renovated, or if it is due to the homes becoming available for rent rather than for homeowners to live inside. There are a few different factors that could affect the market growth of residential renovations, so it is difficult to guess as to why it isn’t growing. Nevertheless, I am hoping that the residential property renovation market increases within the next few years because they are my personal favourite service that I provide customers within Manchester.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I have a few more theories as to the ups and downs of the industry itself, but truthfully, I am hoping to take full advantage of any job that comes forward. If you haven’t yet, check out my past posts, and the future posts I’ll make while you are at it!

Commercial renovations in Manchester

Even though I have managed to design and create many buildings in the city of Manchester, some of my favourite projects have been with commercial properties within the city centre itself. While I never had the chance to participate within the construction of the city centre building itself, I have been able to participate both as a general labourer, foreman and even as the main architect for some of the building projects itself. Within the last 20 years – apart from the 5 years after the financial crisis where the construction industry hit an all-time low – the increase of both renovations and construction of commercial properties has skyrocketed and is continuing to rise to this day. The commercial properties within the last few years have significantly increased both in terms of annual growth and the size of the commercial properties itself.

The main projects regarding commercial properties today are commercial renovations, since the land to purchase and build on has increase exponentially within the last few years. Just after 2001, the increase of companies and offices that had flocked towards the Manchester area had increased, and the land within Manchester itself started to get bought out quickly. It seems that the success of the Manchester football clubs may have had some bearing on the commercial awareness for the city of Manchester itself, and the economy of the city had rapidly increased after the club’s successes. When analysing the two club’s yearly profits and income, you start to realise that the two clubs are the majority in terms of profit for the entire city. This is doubled when you realise the amount of companies that had begun to work with the Manchester clubs itself. Nevertheless, the improvement upon the economy within the city had increased with the clubs, and everyone has benefited for it.

The lands around the commercial properties have either already been bought by existing companies and are currently being constructed upon, or the land is within the buying process. This means that within the city itself, it will be rare to see a new commercial property within the city itself. The actual properties that exist and are currently standing are the buildings that are currently being renovated. The commercial renovation is an increasingly popular service now, as the buildings that had been purchased around or before the 2001 mark are starting to fall apart or are not suitable for the current tenants within the building itself. Commercial properties are very simple to renovate, as the process of the project generally remains the same.

There are still commercial properties that are being built in Manchester, but they are often in business parks that surround the outskirts of the city itself. The amount of commercial constructions around the city itself are increasing every day, and I personally believe that the service itself will only continue to increase within the next few years. The economy of Manchester is only increasing, and over the years the population of Manchester is significantly increasing too. This includes both well-educated and trade workers, meaning there is enough skills within the job market too.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and you have learnt a bit about the recent history of commercial properties in Manchester throughout the years. Please make sure to check out the post that I made yesterday or the day before, and some of the future posts I will be creating.

The details of building homes

I have really enjoyed becoming as creative as possible during my time designing and constructing new builds around Manchester. While many just see architecture and designing buildings as a job, I find it to be both a career and a passion for me now. Designing a new home can be very delicate as a process since you need to make sure that both the interior and exterior looks great, but also fits the purpose of living in a home. There’s no point in designing a home to look good and have it be unusable for the home owners. This is an issue that many home owners have had to deal with in the past unbeknownst to them before purchase, and I always try to ensure that I will not encounter this issue after the home is built and the project has been completed.

One of the main issues when it comes to creating innovative home designs are the possibilities of creating homes that have unusable or unsuitable rooms. One common example of this would be creating a living room while the walls of the living room are displaced or uneven. If you are creating a home with a wall that is inverted somewhat, or even if the walls of the room stretch too far in a specific direction for the exterior aesthetics. If the wall is misplaced or is stretched towards a specific direction too much, then the living room itself could be unsuitable for the home owner. If they decided they wanted to place a television or a couch where the wall is inverted, then the home owner loses the chance to do so.

This can be even more of a worry in the kitchen. If one of the homes are designed to have inverted corners for a contemporary look but mistakenly place the kitchen within one of those corners, the home owner would be looking at an uneven kitchen set up. This would be an issue for the sake of organisation, and if you are a person who feels they need their counters and kitchen appliances to be even and match the rest of the room, then this is something that may grind on you or bother you over a space of time. It also makes for an uneven kitchen, which visitors or guests within the home may find to be unlikeable. They may also find the design itself unappealing, and in turn this will make you as the home owner disappointed.

Another thing that must be taken into consideration when building a detached home is ensuring that you are creative and innovative is to create a garden to match. You can create so many different garden designs that a home owner could use, and in the future, I want to make a whole blog post about it. I will say however that the garden itself when it comes to detached housing can be very appealing and attractive for any home. The right garden for any home can turn a normal or beautiful home into a vivid and exciting landscape, or even an amazing structure depending on what you decide.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you haven’t already please check out some of the posts in the past. Also, try to check out some of the posts in the future!

The life of a Manchester builder!

I am an architect and part time builder within Manchester that creates many new and contemporary new builds within the area. I prefer building entire new buildings both residential and commercial, and at the whole point of the Condo Boomers blog is to shed some light on modern buildings created in both Manchester and the United Kingdom as a whole. As an architect I pride myself on being as innovative and creative as possible when it comes to the design of new buildings, and I want all the buildings that I create to stand out and look beautiful on the exterior as much as the interior. This is the same for both commercial and residential properties. The reason I like to work as a part time builder is to help create the same designs that I can come up with. I like to participate in all aspects of my new builds, and I feel if I wasn’t to take part in the creation of the building myself, then I am giving my creation a disservice to itself.

Although I now mainly work in the city of Manchester and the surrounding areas of the city, I have spent my career working in all parts of the United Kingdom. When I first began my career, I went to university within London. After I had completed my degree, I stayed within the city of London to pursue my career and start within construction sites around the city. Most beginner and aspiring architects prefer to internship at a large agency or a small architecture agency, but I thought it better to get personal experience on worksites rather than going straight to theoretical designs. I felt it best to know the specifics of the construction process to learn how to construct buildings and any potential issues that I may face after the design process.

There are many pitfalls that you could potentially confront when you are constructing the building rather than just designing the concept of the building itself. Sometimes when you are in the process of designing and innovating new building ideas, you get into the specifics of gravity and structural integrity, but then the more significant but often overlooked details such as the raw materials can be ignored. If they aren’t ignored, it’s very common for the raw materials to become an issue in the same construction process. These are things which can be easy to forget when you are too busy in being creative rather than practical with the design itself.

I have had the fortune to design and construct multiple buildings around the United Kingdom, and my career has been a lucky one when reflecting. There are many opportunities that I was given throughout my career that many do not get, and I managed to grasp hold of every opportunity because I knew how lucky I was to have them. It is rare for an architect to work on so many projects of their own, so I make sure to enjoy every project that I can.

Over the next few weeks, I want to open up on some of my experiences as both an architect and a builder, and even give my opinion on multiple design buildings that are residential. I like innovative residential new builds, and I enjoy looking at the buildings themselves. Hopefully you stick around and read just some of the posts in the future!