The life of a Manchester builder!

I am an architect and part time builder within Manchester that creates many new and contemporary new builds within the area. I prefer building entire new buildings both residential and commercial, and at the whole point of the Condo Boomers blog is to shed some light on modern buildings created in both Manchester and the United Kingdom as a whole. As an architect I pride myself on being as innovative and creative as possible when it comes to the design of new buildings, and I want all the buildings that I create to stand out and look beautiful on the exterior as much as the interior. This is the same for both commercial and residential properties. The reason I like to work as a part time builder is to help create the same designs that I can come up with. I like to participate in all aspects of my new builds, and I feel if I wasn’t to take part in the creation of the building myself, then I am giving my creation a disservice to itself.

Although I now mainly work in the city of Manchester and the surrounding areas of the city, I have spent my career working in all parts of the United Kingdom. When I first began my career, I went to university within London. After I had completed my degree, I stayed within the city of London to pursue my career and start within construction sites around the city. Most beginner and aspiring architects prefer to internship at a large agency or a small architecture agency, but I thought it better to get personal experience on worksites rather than going straight to theoretical designs. I felt it best to know the specifics of the construction process to learn how to construct buildings and any potential issues that I may face after the design process.

There are many pitfalls that you could potentially confront when you are constructing the building rather than just designing the concept of the building itself. Sometimes when you are in the process of designing and innovating new building ideas, you get into the specifics of gravity and structural integrity, but then the more significant but often overlooked details such as the raw materials can be ignored. If they aren’t ignored, it’s very common for the raw materials to become an issue in the same construction process. These are things which can be easy to forget when you are too busy in being creative rather than practical with the design itself.

I have had the fortune to design and construct multiple buildings around the United Kingdom, and my career has been a lucky one when reflecting. There are many opportunities that I was given throughout my career that many do not get, and I managed to grasp hold of every opportunity because I knew how lucky I was to have them. It is rare for an architect to work on so many projects of their own, so I make sure to enjoy every project that I can.

Over the next few weeks, I want to open up on some of my experiences as both an architect and a builder, and even give my opinion on multiple design buildings that are residential. I like innovative residential new builds, and I enjoy looking at the buildings themselves. Hopefully you stick around and read just some of the posts in the future!