Commercial renovations in Manchester

Even though I have managed to design and create many buildings in the city of Manchester, some of my favourite projects have been with commercial properties within the city centre itself. While I never had the chance to participate within the construction of the city centre building itself, I have been able to participate both as a general labourer, foreman and even as the main architect for some of the building projects itself. Within the last 20 years – apart from the 5 years after the financial crisis where the construction industry hit an all-time low – the increase of both renovations and construction of commercial properties has skyrocketed and is continuing to rise to this day. The commercial properties within the last few years have significantly increased both in terms of annual growth and the size of the commercial properties itself.

The main projects regarding commercial properties today are commercial renovations, since the land to purchase and build on has increase exponentially within the last few years. Just after 2001, the increase of companies and offices that had flocked towards the Manchester area had increased, and the land within Manchester itself started to get bought out quickly. It seems that the success of the Manchester football clubs may have had some bearing on the commercial awareness for the city of Manchester itself, and the economy of the city had rapidly increased after the club’s successes. When analysing the two club’s yearly profits and income, you start to realise that the two clubs are the majority in terms of profit for the entire city. This is doubled when you realise the amount of companies that had begun to work with the Manchester clubs itself. Nevertheless, the improvement upon the economy within the city had increased with the clubs, and everyone has benefited for it.

The lands around the commercial properties have either already been bought by existing companies and are currently being constructed upon, or the land is within the buying process. This means that within the city itself, it will be rare to see a new commercial property within the city itself. The actual properties that exist and are currently standing are the buildings that are currently being renovated. The commercial renovation is an increasingly popular service now, as the buildings that had been purchased around or before the 2001 mark are starting to fall apart or are not suitable for the current tenants within the building itself. Commercial properties are very simple to renovate, as the process of the project generally remains the same.

There are still commercial properties that are being built in Manchester, but they are often in business parks that surround the outskirts of the city itself. The amount of commercial constructions around the city itself are increasing every day, and I personally believe that the service itself will only continue to increase within the next few years. The economy of Manchester is only increasing, and over the years the population of Manchester is significantly increasing too. This includes both well-educated and trade workers, meaning there is enough skills within the job market too.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and you have learnt a bit about the recent history of commercial properties in Manchester throughout the years. Please make sure to check out the post that I made yesterday or the day before, and some of the future posts I will be creating.