Residential new builds in Manchester!

Over the last few years in the Manchester area I have been taking on more residential new builds. The total amount of residential new builds on the outskirts of Manchester city have risen rapidly. I have a few theories regarding the reasons behind the growth, but I am unaware to the specific reason. I personally believe that the increase of new builds in the area comes from both the increase of wealth for the average house hold after the popularity of paying the living wage, and the increase of the total population within Manchester itself. There are many people from cities in the United Kingdom and from other countries that are emigrating to Manchester due to the amount of jobs that are becoming available on an annual basis, and the popularity of the football clubs in the city.

The average new build on the outskirts of Manchester is a two-story home that offers 2 – 3 bedrooms, a single bathroom, a living room and kitchen. Other times, the creation and conversion of a loft is also requested as some home owners would rather have the projects completed together, just as some request a basement to be built and converted. This is also becoming an increasingly common trend within Manchester, as many home owners believe that if you are already building a home, it would be easier to convert a loft or basement during construction rather than waiting to convert a loft or basement while the home owners are still living within the property.

The increase of residential new builds and commercial property renovations that I had spoken about yesterday has kept many building and construction companies in business in the area. The increase annually of both the population and jobs that are becoming available are creating a mini boom within the industry and Manchester altogether. It is becoming a significantly key part of the Manchester economy, and many in the industry are trying to take advantage of the situation as quickly as possible. The increase of projects and jobs that are becoming available within the city means that every business is chasing leads as quickly as possible, increasing the overall competitive nature of the industry itself. It is an excitable time in Manchester.

The one worry that I personally have with the industry boom and new build increase are the residential property renovations lack of growth. The average renovation hasn’t increased within the last few years like the new builds and commercial renovations have. I am not sure if it is due to the increase in new builds in the area and homes being sold instead of renovated, or if it is due to the homes becoming available for rent rather than for homeowners to live inside. There are a few different factors that could affect the market growth of residential renovations, so it is difficult to guess as to why it isn’t growing. Nevertheless, I am hoping that the residential property renovation market increases within the next few years because they are my personal favourite service that I provide customers within Manchester.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I have a few more theories as to the ups and downs of the industry itself, but truthfully, I am hoping to take full advantage of any job that comes forward. If you haven’t yet, check out my past posts, and the future posts I’ll make while you are at it!