Increasing property value!

Here at Condo Boomers, one of my main interests regarding new builds and building services are the effects that it can have on your homes property value. There are numerous construction projects and services that you can invest into your home that would provide anywhere from 20 – 50% overall increase in the value of your property. This is a major increase, especially in relation to the amount you need to invest for such a significant increase in your homes value. One example of such an increase in property value when compared to the amount needed to reinvest both in time and money is a loft conversion. You can convert your loft using multiple conversions such as a hip to gable loft conversion, mansard loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion and the cost would be anywhere from £15,000 – £50,000 depending on the project and amount of rooms that you would like to add within your home.

That may sound like a high cost of investment financially, and when you factor in the 2 – 3 months that it would take to complete the largest of loft conversions, it may sound even higher. However, when you consider that the largest loft conversion would cost £55,000 and take roughly 3 months to complete, you should also consider that it could add anywhere from £100,000 – £200,000 in your properties value on average. This is entirely dependent on the rooms that you decide to add, however. Someone is only willing to pay for what they need, but at such a large increase in your property value for what would be considered a relatively small amount, it would be difficult to not suggest a loft conversion for an increase in your properties value.

You should also consider a landscaper if you have a garden and a front lawn. The significance of first impressions should not be ignored, and a garden and front lawn that looks artistic and one that many would be jealous of can do wonders for your home. This is both for visitors and potential buyers of your property. When you see a garden and front lawn that are beautiful and immaculate, the difference it would make on a potential buyer is massive. They would be much more likely to purchase your home when they see something they can be immediately jealous of, and this is common with immaculate and attractive gardens more than anything else.

You should also consider a renovation if you may feel your furniture and surroundings are outdated. The difference a contemporary makeover makes for a potential buyer is almost as large as a beautiful garden. Any opportunity you can take to make a potential buyer to feel at home is one you need to grasp, as those are the factors that will make your home worth even more. Apart from loft conversions, basements or even extensions that can provide actual value into your home, the smaller things like landscaping or renovations simply for the persuasion of a buyer can make just as much of a difference. You should consider it like a marketing campaign. If two cakes had the same ingredients and tasted the exact same, the main differentiator is how it looks and the brand it is with. So, you should consider the same tactics with your home.

I hope I have opened your eyes a bit to what difference small and large things can make to your property value. I have learnt some of these tips working with builders Manchester and Bristol service in. I think you should also consider these important tips before you look at selling your home too! Also, please read some of the blog posts I have made in the last few weeks as it would help a lot! Thank you so much for reading!